What do i need to use the HDVC?

For using the HDVC you´ll need the following:
1. A ready-to-use SONY PS3™ (with latest firmware) incl. a working Controller
2. An HD-Ready (720p) oder Full-HD (1080p) Display or Projector which is hooked up by an HDMI (or Component-Cable) to your PS3™ , as well as a working Remote-Control for Display or Projector.
3. A fast Internet connection for downloading the HDVC
4. An external, mobile storage medium (USB-Stick,USB-Harddrive,CD/DVD-R) with at least 500MB free space to carry the HDVC from your PC/Mac to your Console.

The HDVC is uncomprising developed in the very best Full-HD/1080p Quality and encoded to the ultra-modern H264 (MPEG4) Video-Codec; optimized for your Next-Gen-Console !

After using the HDVC BluRay-Movies and the breathtaking Next-Gen Game-Graphics of your Console will finally be played back in the way which movie-directors and game-developers have imagined it:

In perfect Full-HD picture-quality !!!